Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Science Subjest Area In-service

Monday, January 29
General Session
Chromosomes, Genes, and Neurochemical Tsunamis (Arlene Taylor)
Teaching Origins: The Importance of Accuracy, Attitude and Honesty (Aimee Wyrick)
Meeting Science Standards with Wireless Data Collection and Analysis with PASCO Technology (Rosario Roldolfo)
Wireless Data Collection - Student Lab
Wireless Data Collection
Teacher Resources
Maker Faire / Maker Space (Gene Oswald)
Tuesday, January 30
General Session
Teaching Science in a Post-Genome World (Nate Sutter)
Meet Your Amazing Brain - How to Teach Brain Function to Your Students (Arlene Taylor)
Marine Biology (Bob Nobuhara)
Introducing Students to Programming...Whether They Want to Learn or Not! (Nate Sutter)
EXSEED (Doug Havens)
General Session
Virtual Reality (David Harris)
Combining Biology and Missions Trips (Floyd Hayes)
Notes from the Field: Our Take-Aways from a New Project-Based Lab on Woodpeckers and Yeast (Nate Sutter)
Projects for Physics (Heidi Elssman)
Peer Teaching in Outdoor Education (Paul Turk)
General Session
The Ups and Downs of Social Media - Addiction to Electronics (Arlene Taylor)