Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Resources from Education Council Meetings

FALL 2020

General Sessions:
State of the Union, Berit von Pohle
ECE Curriculum Snapshot
K-12 Curriculum Snapshot
TDEC Newsletter
Subscribe to Leading the Journey

Roundtable Sessions:
Teacher PD Matters - Exploring the ALC
Impacting the Mental Health of Your School Community
Instructional Leadership Even with Remote Learning

FALL 2019

General Sessions:
State of the Union, Berit von Pohle
Ed Code Revisions

Marie Alcock
Culture of Collaboration
Sample 19-20 PL-PD Calendar
Sample Agenda

Roundtable Sessions:
TDEC Report

Best Practices
Financial Indicators


Beyond the Bottom Line - 2019 (pdf)
Partication in Federally Funded ESSA Programs (pdf)
Ron Reynolds

FALL 2018

Fall Education Council (pdf)
Berit von Pohle

Treasury and Business Managers Breakout:
Best Practices - Business Office

Loma Linda Academy Maker Faire (pdf)
TDEC Report (pdf)
Church and School Relationships (pdf)
MAP Growth (pdf)
Disasters Happen - Are You Prepared? (pdf)
The Leadership Challenge (pdf)
Wednesday Breakout Sessions:
The Art of the Ask (pdf)
Fundraising Realities (pdf)
The Board of Fundraising (pdf)
Websites that Work (pdf)

Curriculum Focus:
ECEC Curriculum Updates (pdf)
Elementary Curriculum Snapshot (pdf)
Secondary Curriculum Report (pdf)

FALL 2017

Fall Education Council (pdf)
Berit von Pohle

100 Ways You Can Help Our School (pdf)

Treasury and Business Managers Breakout:
Making faithful gift planning simple brochure (pdf) (website)
Western Adventist Foundation

Warning about Insouciance Abroad Travel Agency letter (pdf)
General Counsel

OSHA Fact Sheet Updates to OSHA's Recordkeeping Rule (pdf)
CA.Gov Report a Work-Related Accident - Employers (website link)
Reporting Work-Connected Injuries (website link)
OSHA Fact Sheet Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (pdf)

Wednesday Breakout Sessions:
Planning for Clarity (pdf)
Steve Pawluk

Boardsmanship (pdf)
Ed Boyatt

Email Voting by School Boards (pdf)
Jon Daggett

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) Issues
Jon Daggett

Dealing with Family Law Matters and Disruptive People (pdf)
Jon Daggett

PFE/ASSIST (pdf) An opinion letter from the attorney for the Pacific Union Conference is available upon request.
Kimberly Miller

TDEC Committee Report (pdf)
Gus Martin

Planning for Supervision of Instruction (pdf)
Doug Herrmann

Engaging Potential Families at Your School (pdf)
Rick Nelson

Communicating with Constituency Parents and Boards (pdf)
Rob Robinson

Great by Choice book review (pdf)
Amy Cornwall

Curriculum Focus
ECEC Curriculum Updates (pdf)
Elementary Curriculum Snapshop Feb. 2018 (pdf)
Secondary Curriculum Issues (pdf)


"The Customer Experience" (pdf)
Cover page with contact info

29 Ideas to Make Your School Customers Smile (pdf)
Mark Witas

Building Your Brand Vocabulary (pdf)
Ray Tetz

Improving Customer Service in Public Schools and Public Education: 9 Expert Tips for K-12 and Beyond
Does Your School's Atmosphere Shout "Welcome"? (pdf)
Secret Shopper Checklist for Enrolling at a New School (pdf)
Exceptional Teacher Customer Service and Public Relations (pdf)
Adapted from Who Cares?
A School's Reference Guide for Customer Service Initiatives (pdf)
Who Cares? Improving Public Schools Through Relationships and Customer Serivce
Five Cs of Great Customer Service (pdf)
The Master Teacher School Customer Service Workbook
Sources (pdf)

Elementary Encounter Scope and Sequence (pdf)
Sample Encounter Secondary Unit 10.3 - Jesus' Message (pdf)

Curriculum Focus
ECEC Curriculum Updates
Elementary Curriculum Snapshot (April 2017)
K-12 Curriculum Committee Format

FALL 2016

2016 Fall Education Council Presentation (pdf)
Berit von Pohle

LSA Presentation - Adventist Leadership
Using Data in a Culture of Collaboration
Marie Alcock

Volunteers and Independent Contractors
Volunteer Service Agreement
Table for Agency IC Test Factors
IRS Form SS-8
EDD Form DE1870
Jon Daggett

Prioritizing Functions of a New Principal (pdf)
Ed Boyatt

When Grief Happens on Your Campus
Lynne Hattendorf, Lori Holm

Do You Really Want to Market Your School
Carol Tilstra Nash

Book Review: The Ideal Team Player
Albert Miller

Book Review: The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything
Doug Herrmann

Working with Maranatha to Renovate Your Campus
Kyle Fiess, Julie Lee