Seventh-Day Adventist Church


  AAA School Profile Summary Form (pdf)
  AAA-WASC Term Statement Comparison (pdf)
  Curriculum Audit and Accreditation Review (fillable Word)
  NAD Small Schools, 2004 Evaluation Instruments (pdf)
NAD K-8, 2004 Evaluation Instrument (pdf)
Accreditation Handbook (pdf)
NAD Addendum for Senior Status (pdf)
Focus on Learning (FOL)
  2020 FOL SDA Accreditation Instrument (pdf) (AAA Accreditation Recommendation Form)
  2022 WASC-SDA Accreditation Document (pdf)
  FOL WASC Chair Training Presentation 2019 (pdf)
  FOL Presentation for Principals and Self-Study Coordinators 2019 (pdf)
  How to Write a Bad Action Plan (pdf)
  Year at a Glance Wheel (pdf)
  Resources for Visiting Committee Chairs
  FOL SDA Visiting Committee Report Template for Small Schools (google doc)
  Commission Process at a Glance (pdf)
  WASC Documentation/Justification Statement (doc)
  WASC Pre-visit Instructions (doc)
  WASC Reimbursement Form (doc)
  WASC Rubric (pdf)
  WASC VC Chair Evaluation (doc)
  WASC VC Member Evaluation (doc)
  School Status
  Affiliate School Status Application (doc)    currently under revision
  Junior Academy Status Application (pdf)   Updated 03-2019
Board Resources
  Model Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)
  Model Conflict of Interest Statement (pdf)
  Model Constitution and Bylaws (pdf)
  NAD School Board Manual (link)
  Dual Credit Guidelines (pdf)
  Elementary Weekly/Course Time Guidelines Sample (pdf)
  Emergency Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans (For Online Instruction Only)
  K-8 Curriculum Snapshot (pdf)
  REACH (website link)
  Technology Master Plan Sample (doc)
  Subject Resources - Elementary
  Kindergarten Stepping Stones (website link)
  Encounter Resources - Elementary
         Encounter Materials by Grade Unit
  Language Arts
    Pathways (website link)
    Pathways 2.0 Book List - Revised 2-19(pdf)
    Math K-8 (website link)
    Elementary Math Standards Correlation (By Our Teachers 4 Our Teachers)
  Physical Education (website link)
  Science ByDesign (link)
  Social Studies (website link)
Curriculum Standards
  Adventist Education Statement on Standards and Common Core (pdf)
  Elementary Standards by Grade (link to pdf's)
  NAD Elementary Standards (link to NAD)
  NAD Secondary Standards (link to NAD)
  Library/Literature Selection Guidelines
DI or Differentiated Instruction (link)
Employment Application Forms (conference links)
Forms Due to the Union
  Caring Heart Award 2019-2020: 
     Caring Heart Instructions (pdf)
     Caring Heart Award Application (pdf)
     Caring Heart Award Redemption Instructions (pdf)
  Closing Report (fillable pdf)
  Opening Report (fillable pdf)
  Robotics Application
  Workers Comp Safety Fund Guidelines and Form (pdf)
  Journey to Excellence - A focus on Adventist Education in the 21st Century (pdf)
  Sample Student Handbook (pdf)
  NAD Principals' Handbook (link to NAD)
  NAD Superintendents' Handbook (link to NAD)
  Registrars' Handbook 2021 (link to pdf and sample forms)
  Supervision and Evaluation of Instructional Personnel (pdf)
Health and Safety
  CDC Healthy Youth Food Allergies (pdf)
  US Dept of Ed School Safety booklet (pdf)
Presentations by Local Conference
  SECC STEMinar In-service, October 16, 2019
  Lizard Adaptations Video (mp4)
  Lizard Adaptations (ppt)
Presentations by Union Office of Education
  CCC In-service, August 15, 2016
  Making and Impact Robotics Powerpoint (pdf)
  NAD Standards Powerpoint (pdf)
  Traditional vs. Standards-based Classroom and Grading (pdf)
  Registrars' In-service, October 4, 2021
  LSU and PUC Powerpoint
Sample Forms
  Spiritual Climate Survey Form (pdf)
  Student Application (fillable pdf)
  Student Consent to Treatment (fillable pdf)
  Student Medical Records (fillable doc)
  Scholarship Grant Applications: 1) Baybarz Education Scholarship 2) Education Endowment. For detailed information and applications, please contact your Local Conference Office of Education.
  Alternative Textbook Use Request Form (doc)
  NAD Elementary Textbook List (link to NAD)
  2021-2022 Elementary Level Bible order form (pdf)
  2021-2022 Science Health Miscellaneous order form (pdf)
  SDA Music Studio Spotlight on Music order form (pdf)
  NAD Secondary Textbook List (link to NAD)
  PE SDA Orders (website link) Sports Equipment Order Form (xlsm)
  Social Studies McGraw-Hill SDA Orders (website link)
  Textbook List Chart, Multi-grade Curriculum Rotation (link to NAD)
Union Demographics
  Five-year Enrollment Figures (pdf)
  Number of Schools in the Pacific Union 2020-2021 (pdf)