Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Registrars' Handbook

We hope this "new and improved" edition of the Registrars' Handbook will be a useful guide to assist you in carrying out the vital functions of a registrar.

Templates of various forms have been provided below in Word format for you to customize according to the needs of your school.

Registrars' Handbook 2020

  1. Alternative Textbook Evaluation
  2. Alternative Textbook Use Request Form
  3. Authorization for Release of Records
  4. Community Service Form
  5. Course of Study Agreement
  6. Emergency Information and Authorized Release Form
  7. Home School Course Validation Form
  8. Request for Transcript Release
  9. Student Driving Privileges
  10. Student Request for Academic Variance
  11. Student Request for Special Circumstances
  12. Technology Use Policy
  13. Withdrawal Form