Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification Manual with PUC Adendum (pdf)
1. Application for Certification (pdf)
2. Designated Subjects/Services Certificate Pre-Request Form (fillable pdf)
3. Instructions for Accessing Certification Status Report (pdf)
4. Professional Activity Credit (pdf) - obtain PAC forms from your local conference.
a. Approved Union Activities for CEUs (pdf)
b. Criteria and Guidelines (pdf)
5. Professional Growth Books - Eligible for 25 clock hours of professional activity credit for completing the specified reading outlined in paragraph 2 on the PDFs posted by the NAD. (NOTE: CANNOT GIVE PARTIAL CREDIT FOR ONLY DOING A PORTION OF THE REQUIREMENT.  IT IS EITHER ALL OR NONE. CREDIT IS ONLY GIVEN FOR NO MORE THAN 2 YEARS BACK.)
6. Tuition Authorization Waiver Form (fillable pdf)

Summer School Information:
La Sierra University - Education Summer Schedule and General Summer Courses
Pacific Union College - Education Summer Schedule and General Summer Courses

Contact for Seventh-day Adventist Certificates:
Cherith Mundy


Contacts for State Credentials:
Sylvia Cordoba - La Sierra University 951-785-2224
Sara Gitter - Pacific Union College 707-965-6643
Credentialing Office - State of California 916-445-0243