Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Robotics Challenge

Planning for Robotics:
1. Submit a Robotics Grant application, due to the Union by June 28.
2. Purchase the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Core Set robot, which can be used each year ($389.95).
Optional: Add an expansion kit for your robot ($101.95).
3. Build a wooden Robotics table to use yearly with the FLL Challenge Set (also known as the FLL Field Kit): Instructions.
4. Choose an official team name (i.e. Robotechs).
5. Register your team in September with FIRST Lego League ($225).
6. Purchase the current FLL Challenge Set ($75). FLL will direct you to the appropriate site once your team is registered.
7. Contact your Regional Coordinator once you have decided on an event and give them your FLL team number so they can be sure to include your team in their event planning.
Northern California Region
Event Location:  Sacramento Adventist Academy, Carmichael, CA
Director: Mel Wade Phone: (916) 481-2300 x120
Southern California Region
Event Location: Glendale Adventist Academy
Director: James Willis  818-546-8456
8. Review the Coaches' Handbook and checklists (Fall 2017)
9. Integrate the rubric judges use at official events to evaluate teams on their Project, Core Values and Robot Design.
10. Plan a field trip, based on the theme, where ideas can be gathered for the Robotics project. (Example: Animal Allies; field trip to the zoo, a bird sanctuary, etc.)
11. Create team T-shirts to enhance presentation or coordinate an outfit / school uniform.

Additional information available at:
Adventist Robotics and First Lego Inspires.